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Together they combine the data collected from the interviews made to the customer and from the analysis of the competitors without forgetting that of the market with the relative study of the competitors. What are the points of a copy strategy There is a point in the document that concerns the unsatisfied element in the user. This is insight, the trigger that sets off the spring of desire. Is there a point, a strategic hub, that no one has yet occupied in the market niche ?

There are other aspects to consider.

are 5 elements that make up a copy strategy in marketing. Sometimes they vary. But the basis is this. Benefits These are the pluses in copy strategy : here we insert Bahamas Phone Number List the advantages that should lead the target to take an interest in the ad. And the customer to choose your product or service. Here you must indicate the main promise, i.e. the most important promise you make to the customer. Reason why In the benefits you will find the selling idea, the main proposal

that the brand makes to the user.

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The brand must convince, last and seduce. All this is the advertising philosophy :  But here is the reason that explains why, how and when. There is proof of facts, reason showing reasons why a user should be willing to take your word for it. Supporting evidence The elements Phone Number QA of the structure of a copy strategy are also those necessary to give clear confirmation of what has been said. Support evidence is a rhetorical device capable of giving rhetorical and scientific support to what is found on advertising. Tone of voice How do you want to present the pluses to your readers? How do you define benefits ? Through a tone of voice (brand character), a style present in the tone of voice or TOV .

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