The brand must convince

As you can well understand, this is a rational approach to advertising and persuasive strategy. This organizational model of communication strategy was born in the 60s thanks to the large American advertising agencies (such as Mad Men, to be clear). This solution was contested in the 1970s by Jacques Séguéla known for having transformed copywriting into star strategy. In this case, in fact, there is no longer a defined scheme around the pluses of the product and USP but everything

is based on making it spectacular.

last and seduce. All this is the advertising philosophy : The real talent of a product is its dream power. The public does not buy a commodity, but its image. Jacques Seguela Today it is indispensable because it makes it possible to make operational a process that tends to move Bahrain Phone Numbers List towards improvised dynamics that are inconsistent with strategic objectives . To read: all the elements of an advertising page How do you make a copy strategy? Strategy writing –

also known as strategy text writing

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comes from careful reflection on the target audience and the audience of competitors. To create a communication strategy you need three main executive pillars: The brand must convince, last and seduce. All this is the advertising philosophy :  What the public wants. What is missing in the market. What are your chances. The goal is to create a document capable of guiding the copywriter in Phone Number QA writing textual elements such as the pay off , the headline , the tagline , the claim and the body copy . Without forgetting that all of this must also be integrated in the best possible way with the visual content. And then with any hero shot or video of any landing page. The task of creating a copy strategy is given to the account and to whoever is in charge of the communication strategy.

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