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In some cases this trait is also described through a company’s brand book. Targets What are the qualities of the target audience ? In this strategic document it is important to leave some specific characteristics of one’s audience to be studied with a good job on the buyer personas . That is, ideal-typical representations. This lays the foundations for creating a writing strategy . That is to say a paper or digital document divided according to the elements of copy strategy in marketing.

Here’s how a copy strategy should

the key points: Product: aftershave. Target: man, <18 years old, independent in purchasing, professional. Benefit: leaves the skin smooth even if you have a very stubble beard. Reason Why: The base product has unique anti-irritation properties. Supporting Evidence: Made with Azerbaijan Phone Number ListPhone Number List, unique natural essences. Tone of Voice: sophisticated, evocative, scientific. To all this we can add another item: that of the consumer response . That is the reaction that the consumer should have when he comes into contact with the product or service we are advertising. To learn more: what is the main promise? Examples of copy strategy in marketing To better understand what we are talking about, it is right to give some examples

of copy strategy in order to show


how big brands work when they have to manage such delicate documentation for the future of effective communication . Nutella The writing document that I want to offer you is that of Nutella on Slideshare . As you can see, there are different levels of definition of the advertising Phone Number QA campaign. Colgate Another example of advertising : Colgate. Although old, it is an excellent case that takes its cue from the writing strategy based on the rationalism of the USP – unique selling proposition – which leaves no room for Rather it is articulated following a scheme based on precise promises and benefits to be achieved. As this document also suggests, which helped me find the best examples of copy strategy, the reference is to another big name in advertising: Rosser Reeves who, with his book Reality in Advertising,

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