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experience and who sign the content, make themselves found and known thanks to a page who they are. An authoritative portal controls what it inserts in the contents, cites the sources. Mobile friendly Decisive item in a list of the main features of a website. You have to present yourself at your best on any type of device. For example, it is not enough to have a responsive design and a WordPress theme suitable for smartphone viewing. The mobile friendly logic goes further and suggests creating To verify that everything content suitable for any type of device , with a generous font that can also be read from small screens.

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click on buttons and links effortlessly. works, you can do a test with the Google tool that allows you to check if there are any usability errors in terms of mobile use of the portal. India Phone Number List mobile testing An example of Google’s mobile test. Result of this test present in the search console ? The website, personal opinion but also fairly shared, should be optimized for all mobile devices and display correctly on smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and desktops. Quality content How to forget:

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website is the writing of web content which must be To verify that everything well packaged, accurate and useful for the reference target . The web writer should remember the rules expressed towards the YMYL , Your Money or Your Life themes. That is, sensitive topics concerning health and the economy. You need to curate quality content with attention to sources and data accuracy . The site should be updated regularly Phone Number QA  with new and relevant text to maintain interest and demonstrate that the company is attentive to the needs of readers. Blogging How should a good website be? Often the possibility of

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