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And what the potential sales opportunities would be. Means for reactivation Clos Won – Upsell The most proactive approach is certainly making additional sales to those companies with whom the opportunity has been put into Clos Won mode. If additional products or services are available. it is easy to communicate them to the new customer after the transaction. Often. this kind of marketing is time-sensitive. and it can be start. for example. three months after the transaction.

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Your readers are good at reading between the lines. If your companys selfish message shines through blatantly. the cribility of the story weakens and the reader sighs business database deeply. Here is one fine example of world-class storytelling. General Electric is known in communications circles for its world-famous GE Reports articles. In January 2022. it told about its already retir engineer. who almost lost his life to a severe disease caus by the coronavirus.

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which offers marketing a of state the company has end up in Salesforce. For example. tracking Salesforce activities can be of significant Phone Number QA benefit in building marketing triggers. By looking at the activities. companies that have become passive in Salesforce. but are now showing new signs of interest with marketing touch surfaces. can be taken into the marketing process. The company can just as well be a current or laps customer.

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