Crisis That Not Only Hit the

Some lines locat almost at the end of this heartbreaking story translate the deep pessimism that overwhelm the world in the face of the absurd destruction that Western man had caus . The conviction present in those years and that would run through the entire 20th century – reaching up to the present day –, born from the contemplation of such aberrant circumstances, was that the greatest and best spiritual fruits lavish by the species throughout centuries and centuries travel with tiring perseverance had been of no use in the face of the appetite for destruction that had been fuel by barbarism, challenging with impunity the logic that since the

World's Leading Power in

Enlightenment supposly direct the steps of civilization in search of progress and prosperity: How useless must be everything that has been written, done or thought in the world, when such a thing is still possible! Of necessity, everything must be a lie and insignificance when the culture of thousands of years has not been able to prevent these torrents of business lead blood from being sh or these prisons of pain and suffering from existing.Remarque, 1978, p. 201. Publish in 1929, the story of a group of young Germans who, having barely finish school, enlist in the army to do their best in the defense of their homeland, left an everlasting mark on anti-war literature of all. the times.

This Difficult Scenario

Years later, during the Nazi regime, All Quiet on the Front would be one of the many works thrown into the fire by the totalitarian and genocidal preaching that prepar the advent of another scenario Phone Number QA of horror: the one that would unfold from 1939 and that, then In six years, it would end with more than 50 million deaths – among them, 6 million Jews murder at random or exterminat in concentration camps –, two Japanese cities almost completely devastat by the enormous power of atomic energy and the main metropolises.

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