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Its goal is not to make its readers jump directly to the online store or fill out the contact form. In other words. dont require your reader to take any specific action after reading it. The strong memory mark creat by the story is more important than a quick win. With engaging brand journalism. you can get your readers to form an image of your company. its values ​​and goals. It strengthens and sometimes effectively corrects the perception of what your company is really like .

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An oil companys campaigning if the companys history has an environmental disaster swept under the rug. What about situations business lead where the situation is the other way around? Many companies do a lot of things that are admirable and fascinate readers. but they often dont remember to tell about them correctly. The people responsible for the companies marketing may mistakenly assume that the things that happen in the company are not so-call story material. So what tools do you have in your bag when you want to tell your customers.

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If your story is buzzing with slang expressions. you know that the change of hats from marketer to storyteller has not quite been successful yet. Things must be explain clearly and Phone Number QA in short sentences. Your message goes straight to the readers brain when difficult expressions and unnecessarily long sentences are not us. Tone of voice should therefore be hon. The purpose is to tell about real and sometimes difficult things in such a way that you dont want to close the browser. even if the lunch hour has already end. It contains a bit of drama. but no excesses.

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