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Instagram when people are leisurely scrolling in the evening. For example, people tend to house hunt. Shop. And watch videos later in the day. Real estate. Retail. And entertainment accounts might get better results posting on instagram in the evening. Key instagram stats to keep in mind when posting.  American users check instagram at least once a day. American users check instagram several times per day  of   to  year olds visit instagram every day. Instagram use spiked to an average of  minutes per day in  view all the latest instagram statistics. Here and catch up on instagram demographics while you’re at it. The best time to post on twitter is the best time to post on.

This System Posts Are Chosen Base

Twitter is  am pst on mondays and  am pst on wednesdays. According to our analysis. When the hootsuite social team looked at their data. They found the most success posting on weekdays between  to  am pst. When to post on twitter like instagram. The twitter algorithm prioritizes recency and puts a premium on trends. 

Twitter says they determine trending business lead topics based on “topics that are popular now. Rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis.” capitalizing on events in the super bowl. Awards shows. Etc. For example   and posting relevant content around those events can help you get more attention. However.

User’s Activity Across Instagram and

The hootsuite social team also warns that these events could potentially take eyes off content that isn’t directly related to them. “it’s smart to keep in mind what’s going on in the world as a basis of when you should be posting. For example. 

If it’s the super bowl and social Phone Number QA media will be really busy with content. Maybe you don’t want to post on that specific time or even on that day because you will get less engagement.” says eileen. Among the big social media platforms. Twitter earns the title of the most popular for news and current events. That’s why. According to trish.

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