Good keyword research can

help you identify transactional navigational and informative queries. But also commercial ones that allow the user to get an idea of ​​your product or service. So you could create a reviews page . Occupy the with your content Microsoft occupies the whole  with its projects. Or maybe Good keyword research can you can invest in managing a corporate blog to be present in the  for searches not directly related to. Your brand but which can help you occupy important positions in the search engine to increase brand awareness . Occupying the with your content for the queries that matter. In addition to being a good way to find customers online. Also protects you from other drawbacks such as the.

registering websites with domains that

contain typing errors (typo). Register a  page (if you can) A good brand protection manager understands whether the criteria exist to register a page for the brand he is protecting. This brings considerable authority and allows you to occupy the serp in a clear, clear and safe way over time. Leverage a digital PR campaign One of the most advanced tools for doing digital brand protection is digital PR work to try to occupy the attention of digital media with content that you deem useful. The process can be Spain Phone Number List carried out with different methodologies. For example: By publishing guest posts on industry blogs. Feeding journalists with press releases . Organizing conferences and important events. Proposing interviews

to be published in magazines and blogs.

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These content marketing techniques also have SEO-related benefits. Leverage a digital PR campaign Manage the news that revolve around your brand. Media coverage dictated by sending out press releases to write news and Phone Number QA journal articles , interviews, guest posts, and other content brings backlinks . This allows you to do a link building job that increases the authority of the main website. Protect your brand online with the visual The fundamental aspect is what allows you to be present everywhere . Try to also occupy visual spaces by publishing images and photos on web pages: optimize everything in a SEO key and above all take care of the alt tag to position yourself with the brand name. Analyze the serp well: do you see any boxes dedicated to videos?

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