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what you do can be useful for achieving the goal of defining the tone of voice for marketing. Study the community you want to reach With a tone of voice you can interact in the best possible way with your audience. And if you want to find your expression you have to study people. So the idea to follow is this: you have to listen to the community first , and value what people say first. You have to understand who you want to reach and then have data on the needs of your target audience. But not only that, you have to understand what real individuals are saying and how they are saying it. Discover the

problems and concerns of the individual

the niche. Turn information into conversation How to carry out this process? How to find out all the details of the community and reach the target without frustrating all your efforts? With conversation. Not with direct selling, not with propaganda slogans and with big sales: you have to converse with people. You’ve observed the brand , you’ve observed the community, now you just need to get Armenia Phone Number List in the game to find the right TOV. tone of voice A useful scheme to find the TOV – Image source In this diagram you will find a good example to find and schematize the tone of voice. You define it in the top section and in the three boxes you indicate how it should be, how it shouldn’t be and the reasons why you decided to work this way. Why is it useful? Consider the communication channel Each

communication channel has a

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different declination of the corporate tone of voice. Social media, especially Twitter and Instagram, are more likely to accept light and friendly tones of voice . A commercial email has different rules. You don’t have to change the rules of the TOV that you have identified: there is a need for Phone Number QA a declination linked to the context. Phone, LinkedIn, email and chat require different communications. Knowing how to use the right tone of voice on each platform is essential. To read: what is and what is the media kit Tools and tools to create the tone of voice We’ve outlined a number of key steps for determining a company’s or brand’s tone of voice. A number of documents I created may help: Template for creating personas Template for doing

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