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I immerse myself in discussions and start using internal research to understand what people want and how they behave. What they write and what they ask. Answers Thanks a lot Richard! Good work! Answers Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Write here.. Write here.. Name* Name* Email* Email* Website Website Create your editorial plan We manage the planning of articles for your blog together let’s begin banner Editorial plan – my social web book blogging Blogging Google I work online Marketing Write SEO Social network Tools for bloggers WordPress Contacts Riccardo Esposito: copywriter, freelance blogger, trainer. Capri Office:

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discussions. Who I am I’m Riccardo and this is my blog. I’m a Freelance Copywriter and I write articles about writing, Social Media Marketing and SEO. But not only. I work with words, I write articles and I optimize web pages in SEO Copywriting key. Subjects I write about web marketing, addressing topics related to blogging, copywriting, inbound marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. Follow me on various social channels and participate in online discussions. What is a WordPress Belarus Phone Number List landing page for ? Bringing customers and opportunities. To earn more . Sounds like a concrete approach? Certain. It has to be concrete. But it is for this reason that today I want to suggest some examples of landing pages. So you can understand how to create one for your website and your brand that can monetize. Content index Base camp Code Academy Mailchimp Dropbox GoPro

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Impact Base camp One of the more interesting successful landing pages to list in this list of examples: Basecamp ‘s . The reason is simple, it respects (at least from my point of view) all the parameters to obtain good results in terms of user experience and design. the best landing pages are Phone Number QA like this: important title, subtitle that intercepts the main promise , testimonials that immediately give useful criteria for evaluating. Then there is an effective call to action, immediately evident, capable of giving an invitation with the right tone of voice . Also thanks to a yellow button that immediately draws the attention of the public. The number under the call to action button is perfect for giving strength and consistency to the user’s action . And to enhance the invitation to take a certain action. landing page examples Example of landing page that likes. Everything is meant to work, both from a design standpoint

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