So you have to choose

creating an internal blog is also considered to give dynamism to the work carried out. The presence of a blog , in fact, allows you to always publish new web content and write texts online . If you decide to blog and create a dedicated section on the website. You can work to intercept informative keywords. I.e. those that the public types on Google to get solutions , ideas, clarifications and tutorials So you have to choose on a topic. Design What are the features of a website that cannot be missing

One of the fundamental aspects

is a well-finished and representative design of the brand. a quality WordPress theme , customizable and adapted to your needs. themes Choose the best themes for your website. But it is right to evaluate a number of aspects. For example, choose an undemanding layout for loading Indonesia Phone Number List the web page. Often, if you want to speed up WordPress you have to start with a lightweight theme, capable of reducing CSS and. SEO SEO for a WordPress site doesn’t just mean filling the texts with keywords

and following values ​​such as.

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This work imposes a basic reflection that is carried So you have to choose out with a keyword research , a search for the necessary themes to be addressed within the website. Then a series of parameters must be respected. First you need to verify that the robots.txt is present and not blocking important sections Phone Number QA of the website. The same goes for the sitemap.xml: you have to create it and enter it in the search console. You also need to optimize title tags , meta descriptions and permalinks . Other useful actions include taking care of the Core Web Vitals , updating the contents and using a simple and linear structure. Furthermore, in addition to on-page SEO work , you need a good link building job to intercept quality backlinks .

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