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Navigation Little attention is often paid to the navigability of the website, i.e. to its ability to make each of its sections easy to reach. What are the rules that each portal should follow? First there should be a navigation menu: With labels that are easy to interpret. Without unnecessary entries for the user. Designed for mobile and desktop. Supported by breadcrumbs. Completed by about me page and contacts. What are the web pages necessary for a website? The already mentioned who I am and contact me sections must be together, of course, on the home page. Then you have to put the service pages

they are the famous landing pages

that have the purpose of converting. have an efficient search functionality that allows users to easily find the information they need. Also there should be a good internal link network to help both the public and search engines reach new pages. This also helps in indexing the Iran Phone Number Lis website better. Read: How to build a website Personalization Content creation is not enough: when evaluating the characteristics of a website, you must also evaluate the customization of the final result. In some cases it is sufficient to use WordPress plugins to solve certain needs. In others, however, we operate with editing of the HTML code , CSS and other aspects to give the owner of the corporate or personal website exactly what is needed.

I would add that personalization

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increases the value of the website if done right. The site should also Richard Esposito I am a freelance web writer. I have been involved in online writing since 2009, I specialized in drafting editorial plans for corporate blogs. I have written 3 books dedicated to the world of blogging and online writing. Category: Phone Number QA Marketing Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Write here.. Write here.. First name* First name* E-mail* E-mail* Website Website Create your editorial plan We manage the planning of articles for your blog together let’s begin banner Editorial plan

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