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Now that you know what it is and how to create a robott. Therefore, file, it’s time for you to get down to business and optimize your website. Therefore, with this resource. Remember that these files are essential for telling search engine bots which URLs users are allowed to access. Thanks to this selection, the dissemination of irrelevant pages is avoided and access is assured to authorized people, such as subscribers, leads and clients. After learning about robot how about learning other ways to improve the performance and positioning of your websites? Read our SEO audit content : how to do an SEO audit? and optimize your web pages.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Creating this type of file is quite simple, since you will. Therefore, only have to know company data some specific commands that work in a similar way to HTML and other programming languages. Among the most relevant are. Therefore, the following: User-Agent – Allows you to enter specific commands for each search robot in a  file. Disallow – Describes sites and pages that cannot be included in search results. Allow – Determines which pages and directories on the site you want to index. Using it prevents the indexing of all pages, both relevant and irrelevant or restricted ones.


Corel VideoStudio

prevent images on a page from appearing in search results. This is crucial to control access to information Phone Number QA and data. Therefore, relevant to a product. Think of it this way: by not having access to this content, people are forced to come to your page. Therefore, this is a source. Therefore, of qualified traffic .

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