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But, in the end, what situations allow you to. Therefore, request a chargeback? Processing error in the transaction by the financial institution. Error in the purchase price . In the. Therefore, event that the price charged differs from that reported, the customer can request a chargeback. This is very common in cases of misleading propaganda. Reception of merchandise in disagreement with what was announced on the seller’s website . Examples that open a gap for chargeback: defective merchandise, in lower quantities or with different specifications. Fraud due to the theft, cloning or misuse of a credit or debit card . Alright, now that you understand the meaning of chargeback, it’s time to explain the other concept.


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The laws of many countries. Therefore, require businesses to have a clear refund policy. Furthermore, this executive data practice is very advantageous for stores and digital content creators , as it conveys trust, attracts. Therefore, new consumers, and works as an excellent marketing strategy. You’ve probably already heard a sales speech with the following phrase: “satisfied customer or your money back.” This type of copy provides greater reliability to the process , since the consumer understands that, if his expectations are not met, he can request a refund.


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Although it varies according to the country, most. Therefore, Consumer Protection Codes establish 3 mandatory situations in Phone Number QA which the buyer can request a refund: When you regret the purchase , as long as it is up to 7 days after. Therefore, receiving the product or contracted service. When the product you have received has a defect. When the product is not suitable for consumption .

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