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It happens when the URL is wrong or you delete the resource. A 404 is one of the most common error pages and is usually customized to provide useful information to the user, such as a link to return to the home page or a search to find the desired page. Creating a personalized 404 page can become part of the strategy to acquire new customers or leads , which is why it is one of the landing page models to optimize: a lead magnet or a well-positioned CTA is enough to do great things.

Backpacker Travel With a Coming Soon

Page, present when the website is under construction  you can give a preview of the resources you are working on. You can start to really focus on marketing and get important resources for your business. In some cases, Coming Soon pages are also known as Splash Pages .  Greece Phone Number List That is, a sub-type of landing page that always aims to entertain the public. To understand how to develop this page you can take the example of Backpacker Travel. Backpacker Travel Backpacker Travel, coming soon landing page. As you can see, with this type of landing page to intercept leads and

add them to the database to reach

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people with a newsletter or a DEM. Or you can have important documents downloaded for your content marketing journey . is called a click-through landing page and is designed to act as a bridge resource: it provides detailed information to convince the user to reach a transaction or conversion page. Like an e-commerce landing page. Transition page Example of click-through landing page. Phone Number QA They can be publications to provide information and give discounts. For example, you can land users arriving from an ADV campaign on this landing page, download a discount and then take them to the product page where the sale takes place. medium The truth: I have a weakness for landing pages that manage to combine an interesting visual , a bold use of typographic elements, advanced functionality even from mobile.

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