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Funnel marketing serves to automate and optimize this journey thanks to well-defined tactics and tools capable of automating the processes. The phases of the online marketing funnel To create an effective sales funnel. And increase the chances of intercepting potential.  There are stages. These are steps that concern the type of content and communication to be structured. But that start from the assumption that a lead has different needs from a prospect . And that the latter will be interested in

different offers compared to those who

So what are the main stages of the web marketing funnel? In summary: the upper part of the path, the intermediate part and the bottom of the funnel (closing). Top of funnel We are in the initial phase of the marketing funnel work. Here we have to work on awareness, i.e. knowledge of the Argentina Phone Number List brand and the ability to intercept the public. If we work in digital marketing funneling we use tools: Blog. SEO. ADV. Social. This content marketing work allows you to bring traffic to your landing pages. Here the conversion takes place and the other points of the AIDA model are pitted off.

after awareness, knowledge, interest and

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desire for the good or service develops. Middle of funnel Even know the brand An articulated sales funnel, especially in B2B , develops in that phase that we recognize as intermediate. It is a path in which the user continues to develop interest in the good and desire is born thanks to advanced contents. Here, in fact, we are no longer communicating with leads but sending messages to prospects. The tools to send newsletters and do email marketing send white papers , ebooks, videos, presentations and case studies that convey the Phone Number QA user to the next step. Do you need a professional web writer? Send me an email and let’s start working on your best content, landing pages and posts. Contact me right away banner Scrittura – my social web Bottom of funnel Final stage of the sales funnel. Here, in fact, thanks to email marketing offers and sales coupons are sent which push the prospect towards the final conversion. From here, other activities such as cross-selling and upselling can follow to increase profits. How to create a sales funnel The sales funnel –

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