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A scheme that starts from the final goal for which a sales funnel is created. So we can have, for example, 3 main types of structures: Lead funnel The path you use to get new contacts that you then nurture and transform into customers . It relies on a foundational set of tools like squeeze pages and lead magnets . Here is a concrete case of digital marketing funnel that starts from a contact landing page. example of a funnel to get new leads. Example of marketing funnel with squeeze page. The main goal is to get some information from the customer . For example name, phone number or email address.

We collect information and use it.

promote a seminar, a show or any type of paid or unpaid event. It is one of the most common forms of funnels but only affects companies or organizations that want to sell tickets or promote attendance with limited seats. What strategies are used? In these cases webinars Algeria Phone Number List work quite well. Sales funnel The structured buyer funnel is designed to sell a product . Contact exits the funnel, covered entirely, after purchasing something. Here’s an example, the conversion funnel based on sales letters written by a copywriter . sales funnel, example based on sending a

sales letter The path that the customer

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takes in the funnel – asmidigital.com/funnels In order to increase the chances of conversion, up and cross-selling paths are activated , as well as down-selling ones. That is, to provide a similar but lower priced alternative. What is funnel marketing for? In summary: this marketing Phone Number QA strategy is activated to find customers. But this is not enough to give a clear definition of this activity. In reality, we must first understand what the funnel is : a path that intercepts unknown people both online and offline. But it doesn’t intercept them at random, it follows a study of the target and implements a series of activities to obtain qualified leads. She then feeds them and finally proposes an opportunity for conversion.

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