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Content index Speed Accessibility Usability Safety Authority Mobile friendly Quality content Blogging Design SEO Navigation Personalization Speed What should not be missing in a website? A holistic and effective approach to loading speed . This means that you have to make sure that the resources load as quickly as possible, especially in compliance with the rules imposed by the Core Web Vitals. Today Google also sees some aspects of the user experience as a positioning factor .

So you have to make everything load

in the shortest time possible. speed website The results of Insight. Among the characteristics of a website that wants to be found and used in the best possible way by potential customers, there is also the need to reduce the weight of the images , activate the cache, reduce server working times. Hong Kong Phone Number List All to have a fast portal from desktop and mobile. To learn more: how to increase web reputation Accessibility Accessibility is a parameter of a website that often goes unnoticed. Unfortunately, I add with a touch of disappointment. like this: this is one of the characteristics of an internet portal that can make the difference with a specific target. Web accessibility, in fact, is the ability of a website or an app to be usable

and understandable by everyone,

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regardless of ability or disability. This means that a website should also be usable by people with different disabilities: motor. visuals. auditory. In addition, it should interface better with software that helps disabled people to use the web. One of the principles is the inclusion of descriptive alt tags : they help people using dictation browsers to recognize photos. Choosing a good sized font is Phone Number QA  also a small step towards creating an accessible website. Usability Speed ​​is just one of the points to take care of when evaluating the characteristics of a business or personal website. Make sure, for example, that First Input Delay and Cumulative Layout Shift are capable of returning good results on web pages.

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