Work satisfaction

You can throw the question back to him. If he doesn’t want to answer, he will naturally not ask about your salary.

“We are in the same position, so it’s about the same, right? How much is your salary? After working for so many years, it should be very high, right?”

 Change the subject

Changing the subject is the best option, without Belgium Phone Number List having to tell lies or racking your brains to think of ways to fool him. You can directly change the subject to work and ask him about work matters. During the discussion with you, he will also forget about the things he originally wanted to “gossip about”. “Ah! It’s just right to see you. I was just about to discuss the budget of Project A with you.” Or, you can change the topic that he is interested in, such as: “That play has ended! Did you see it last night? The ending is so unexpected!” “Did you know that there is a new Japanese restaurant in that area? I heard that the food is delicious! Do you want to go together one day?”

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 Vague answers half answers


If you really encounter a colleague who is not “eye-catching” or a colleague who is entangled and insists on digging information from you before leaving, then you have no choice but to give an ambiguous and vague answer. “It’s okay, enough for me Australia Phone Number List to pay the rent and life here. I also want to work harder.” “I’m just a graduate who has just entered the society. How much can it be? It’s just average.” “The salary is just average, not even five figures!”


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