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Take advantage of the AIDA method The sales pyramid with its strategic phases. The process: Get attention with targeted advertising , perhaps based on the concept of inbound marketing . Take care of contacts until they become a point of reference and include them in your community . Activate desire and take action. This is the AIDA method. Help choose the best One of the most successful sales techniques: supporting the customer in the choice

and making sure that there is less confusion

in the alternatives. First rule to conclude and close more sales? Eliminate the difficulties , don’t give too many alternatives to the possible buyer. How is this result achieved? Remove and indicate what is convenient. You can improve the process in your favor by using some direct selling strategy like the primacy and recency effect : people remember the first and last items of a list. pricing table that Colombia Phone Number List advises the potential customer Clarify and overcome objections. Or you can use the pricing tables. Look at this Serverplan example: there are two labels that guide towards the best-selling and the most powerful plan. Don’t complicate the choice with a thousand alternatives and recommend the best solutions,

implicitly or explicitly. Communicate

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the price well This is a really effective way to increase sales. The point is this: there are different persuasion techniques to deal with price psychology. That means? Pricing is one of the decisive elements for increasing conversions. But what are the main sales Phone Number QA techniques that pass through effective communication? Owl price : 4.99 are 4.00 and not 5.00 euros. Remove the decimals : 4.00 euros is more than 4 euros. Divide : 5 euros per month is less than 60 euros per year. Compare : 5 coffees a month are less than 5 euros. First you have to reduce the length of the price. It may seem absurd: if you use commas – like 1,679.00 against 1,679 euros – it can change the way the sum is encoded and remembered in the consumer’s memory. Consumers subconsciously perceive a direct relationship between length and size, it is a cognitive bias . If you want your customers to consider your price lower, try eliminating commas. At this point you will ask me if all this goes well with the technique of the flirtatious price, i.e. 4.99 instead of 5 euros .

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