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In reality it depends, there are high-end products that sell better with high and rounded prices (high price as a synonym of quality and status symbol). But our brain perceives 5.00 and 4.99 euros as very different. Communicate the price well In some cases this technique works. Just as the visual approach that allows you to show how much you save using another selling technique wins: the bundle. That is to combine multiple products in a single purchase with an advantageous price.

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objections Last tip to increase sales: prepare a list of possible disputes. Make a statistic and identify the fields where the main objections from customers arrive. Identify the right answers and get ready for a close fight. Direct sales techniques , over the phone or in-store also need this. Do you agree? Richard Esposito I am a freelance web writer. I have been involved in online writing since 2009, I specialized Costa Rica Phone Number List in drafting editorial plans for corporate blogs. I have written 3 books dedicated to the world of blogging and online writing. : Marketing Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Write here.. Write here.. Name* Name* Email* Email* Website Website Create your editorial plan We manage the planning of articles for your blog together let’s begin banner Editorial plan –

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Google I work online Marketing Write SEO Social network Tools for bloggers WordPress Contacts Riccardo Esposito: , copywriter, freelance blogger, trainer. Capri office: Via  la  4, Follow me on various social channels and participate in online discussions. Who I am I’m Riccardo and this is my blog. I’m a Freelance Copywriter and I write articles about writing, Social Media Marketing and SEO. Phone Number QA But not only. I work with words, I write articles and I optimize web pages in SEO Copywriting key. Subjects & Newsletters – Simple and Effective Email Marketing Plugin . Must read: how to open the newsletter for the blog Add a form and start blogging The first way to increase newsletter followers: blogging . Increase organic traffic from Google and social media to get people interested in your work. Where to add forms

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