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We must also be readable from mobile. Answers true: being readable even from mobile phones and tablets is important. I would even venture to say that, considering the numbers regarding the connection channels, the “mobile” element is almost more important than the desktop nowadays. Answers Leave a comment about web marketing Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Write here.. Write here.. First name* First name* E-mail* E-mail* Website Website Create your editorial plan We manage the planning of articles for your blog together let’s begin banner Editorial plan

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Google I work online Marketing Write SEO Social networks Tools for bloggers WordPress Contacts Riccardo Esposito Santa Chiara 8, Naples. VAT number 07103711219 – Email: [email protected] – Tel: 340 7974009 Follow me on various social channels and  Japan Phone Number List participate in online discussions. Who I am I’m Riccardo and this is my blog. I’m a Freelance Copywriter and I write articles about writing, Social Media Marketing and SEO. But not only. I work with words,

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SEO Copywriting key. Subjects I write , addressing topics related to blogging, copywriting, inbound marketing, content marketing and social media marketing. Follow me on about web marketing various social channels and participate in online discussions. But it is true that the Phone Number QA profile in which images and information are summarized does not always intercept the user’s search intent in a given phase of the sales funnel . Nor is it the ideal page to activate an ADV campaign on Google or social networks. In many cases, to increase the sales of your e-commerce it is necessary to create landing pages that act as a bridge between those who have a specific need, not necessarily already aimed at purchasing , and the final product. These are click-through pages.

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