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Content index What is an ecommerce landing page? What is the click-through page for? How an e-commerce landing page is made How to add a landing page to your online shop Examples of landing pages for e-commerce What is an ecommerce landing page? It is a web page built to intercept a search intent different from what can be satisfied by a product sheet or a category. The latter collects more objects of the same family and the first describes an asset. Example landing for e-commerce.

Example landing for e-commerce.

What if the user is interested in a topic and is looking for a solution but hasn’t decided yet? To get good results you need to create commercial pages for e-commerce. Namely click-through landing pages. These are resources designed to convince visitors to go to another page where the conversion will take place. Read: How to create a landing page on Facebook What is the click-through page for? The click-through page serves to prepare potential customers, to gain trust by sharing in-depth information and to Pakistan Phone Number List drive quality traffic to product pages. In fact, its structure is very different from a standard page . Basically, the landing page for e-commerce can be the access point for your online shop thanks to the positioning on Google and the traffic that comes from social campaigns. Its basic feature: it has no module

but one or more links to reach other sections.

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Then you will find one or more calls to action . To conclude, we can say that the landing page for e-commerce allows you to increase ROI in advertising campaigns, speak to a specific target and obtain rankings on search engines for queries that a product sheet Phone Number QA does not cover. How an e-commerce landing page is made We know that click-through page for ecommerce is a web page to direct visitors to a next page, encouraging them to click on a link or CTA button to complete a specific action. But what are the key elements? Headline and subtitle to communicate the main promise. Body copy : the description of the page must be aimed at the benefits. Hero shot.

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