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This mobile marketing strategy increased audience engagement, who spent an average of 8 minutes on the app: a significant increase over the previous 3 minutes. Burger King has also decided to use augmented reality for its mobile marketing campaign. The summary: download the app, scan the ads of competitors on the street and see the effect. That is, the app will take care of burning the ADV. In return Burger with elegant sliders King gives away a wrapper. Clearly it’s just an optical effect and it’s not even the fairest example of competition.

But the solution worked and led to a great

involvement of users who downloaded the app masse. Richard Esposito I am a freelance web writer. I have been involved in online writing since 2009, I specialized in drafting editorial plans for corporate blogs. I have written 3 books dedicated to the world of blogging and Malaysia Phone Number Lis online writing. Category: Marketing 3 comments on “What is mobile marketing and how to apply it: examples and strategies” ALESSIA MARTALÒ SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 AT 10:49 AM The legibility of the texts in my opinion is essential.

Very often you see well-kept websites

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that are perfectly viewable from the desktop, and effective slogans, but it is a pity that they are totally unreadable from mobile phones and with elegant sliders even tablets. New themes and plugins are equipped enough to solve these compatibility problems but they are not always Phone Number QA used in the right way. Answers RICHARD ESPOSITO SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 AT 09:58 Hi Alessia, Thanks for the comment. Do you know what happens? Sometimes we write texts for the computer, for a large screen. But we don’t realize that people read from smartphones. And a normal paragraph for a 21-inch is terrible for a mobile.

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