Why are most new technologies not successful?

Or rather, why do they not reach the general market? Why do they have an explosive initial visibility and the majority fall by the wayside? It is something recurring in our history, but if we think about what has happened in the last 10 years we see that it is repeated more and more frequently. By increasing the speed with which innovations emerge, the frequency with which we encounter these cases increases. When an innovation moves from innovators to early adopters , madness hits the market and we begin to consider its potential applications, consulting firms and funds go crazy, media and blogs eager for news multiply its effect, etc. and we have cases as famous as the metaverse.

How to ensure the success of a new technology launch

You already know that nothing is . Certain in this life, but we can try to answer the question of why some work better than others. In this sense, I liked Tom . Fishburne ‘s reflection on the launch of the Apple Vision . Pro , because I think it is close to my vision on the correct way to adopt technology by companies . On many top industry data occasions these innovations offer us “a new world” . Separate from the current one. They propose future practical applications, but they are . Sill futuristic. Many steps must be taken before they can arriv.  including the full development of the new technology and its acceptance by the market.

What's different about the launch of Apple Vision Pro glasses?

Unlike many failed new technologies, this release has some interesting features: Integration with the current . Apple ecosystem : it is proposed as a way to get more out of the current.  Apple ecosystem and not as a “separate revolution.” Segmentation . Early adopters should be the most loyal Phone Number QA customers to the brand, it is not.  Launched into the gamer market to compete with other glasses. Which does not mean that they can be used to play, but this positions them in a different and relevant way for the market. The differential characteristics of the product and these two keys offer the Apple Vision . Pro a much more solid starting point to have a greater chance of success than the rest. It is true that the market knows these types of devices better than they knew about.

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