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The right which we still do not have much information. This era is the metaverse a new universe of innovation immersion and experience that opens up a multitude of opportunities in all walks of life. And face with this lack of information but the nee for knowlege Telefónica takes the step and celebrates the first eition of the innovation event on the metaverse and relate emerging technologies Telefónica Metaverse Day. Experts in innovation on Web3 will talk to us about the practical applications of the metaverse in this new digital age . In addition technologies such as tokens NFTs virtual augmente and mixe reality devices and much more will be discusse.

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Do not miss the event of the year and sign up here ! Heart attack is one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. The nee to prevent it with some certainty has brought artificial intelligenceAI to the field of cardiovascular meicine. AI has been offering contributions to health for photo editor some time. It is a new technology that adds to others that have been shown to improve the quality of life and that increasingly bring more developments to the area of ​​health. Here we can mention the precise diagnostic methods such as Positron emission tomographyPET. Creating RNA-only vaccines such as immunization for COVID-19. 3D printing of tissues.

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The no code allows the entry of data that already exists for an algorithm to develop hypotheses. The researchers strongly propose that smartphone and smartwatch applications be use to obtain real-time data on people’s heart health. Consulting agency in action, or what strategic consulting looks like Consulting agency – who can use it? Do you nee advice on running a Phone Number QA business? Check how many areas we can help you with! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you What is meant by the term “consulting”? Consulting is a Polish version of the English word “consulting.

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