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Pay attention it is worth focusing on personalization, it is one of the leading trends. For example, discounts on purchases on your birthday. Customer service also plays a key role. This one should respond to his inquiries and be available. To this end, many companies are investing in new technologies to spee up customer contact with service. What else works? It is certainly Google Ads for e-commerce, Facebook Ads, content marketing, SXO, as well as broadly understood analytics and optimization. How to increase sales in an online store in the Czech Republic? It is necessary to undertake a number of activities: from advertising, through SEO activities, to referral marketing.

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The Trokotex brand – a new client in the Commplace portfolio March 9, 2023 News The group of the agency’s clients has been extende b photo editory the Trokotex brand. The Commplace team was entruste with the preparation of the marketing strategy. Trokotex Polymer Group Sp is a company with traditions and Polish capital. For over 30 years, the group of clients has include sewage treatment plants, power plants, combine heat and power plants and the food industry. The offere composite products: tanks, grilles, coverings or reinforcing bars are use in various branches of the economy.

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We have put a lot of work, effort and heart in all these years to become a reliable and stable business partner. Many efforts to cope with the dynamically developing market economy and many sacrifices to survive the storms. Today we can say that it was worth it. The proof of this is the trust and satisfaction of our clients such as KGHM, Orlen SA, Ciech SA, Rafako SA and PGNiG SA. The moment has come when we have decide to implement new marketing Phone Number QA activities and we believe that the Commplace agency as a partner with extensive experience will help us to implement it efficiently – says Dorota, representative of Trokotex.

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