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Detection of security misconfigurations Software update status check System hardening check Standard Crdentials Usage Report How does a vulnerability assessment work? The process consists of four steps: test, analyze, evaluate and fix. 1. Identification of the vulnerability (testing) The goal of this step is to create a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities of an application (application). Security analysts test the security posture of applications, servers or other systems by scanning them with automatd tools or by manually testing and assessing them.

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Analysts also rely on vulnerability databases, vendor vulnerability reports, asset management systems, and threat intelligence fds to identify whatsapp mobile number list security vulnerabilities. 2. Vulnerability Analysis The goal of this step is to determine the source and root cause of the vulnerabilities identifid in the first step. It identifies the system components responsible for each vulnerability and the root cause of the vulnerability. 3. Risk Assessment The goal of this step is to prioritize the vulnerabilities.

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Security analysts assign each vulnerability a rank or severity basd on factors such as: Which systems are affectd? What data is at risk? Which business functions are at risk? Ease of Attack or Compromise? Severity of an attack? Potential Phone Number QA damage as a result of the vulnerability? 4. Fix The aim of this step is to close security gaps. It is typically a collaborative effort of security personnel, development. And operations teams that determine the most effective path to remdiate or mitigate each vulnerability. Specific remdiation steps may include: The introduction of new security procdures, measures or tools. Updating operational or configuration changes.

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