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It is essential to identify your customers and analyze their behavior to provide them with answers, but no matter how! Via an “ entertaining container ”! The form is therefore as important as the substance . Entertainment and usefulness are the only types of content, according to him, that engage the Internet user. The future will be mobile and empty. That’s why, at Hello Rouen, they wastd no time. They use video for zero budget to bring customers to local merchants.

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See theirweb-series in 3 episodes  Brand collaborations also work very well. SNCF, for example, calld on MyLittleParis to help them reach Latest Mailing Database a community of trendy young people, who have money, and who want to go away for the weekend. Thanks to the notoriety of MyLittleParis, the SNCF has managd to reach its target via dynamic, funny and trendy blog articles. “Fewer visitors, more attention” Henri Offroy “It’s all very well what you guys are saying, but the technique in all that.

Latest Mailing Database

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Henri, in disruptive mode, wants to point out to us that in theory it’s good but in practice it’s something else. Moreover, Google has Phone Number QA recently favord sites securd in HTTPS! Do not hesitate to leave the HTTP, which will allow you better visibility in the search results. To find out how,it’s here (and don’t forget to make your rdirections as well of course!It is becoming increasingly difficult to protect data and intellectual property as well.

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