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first purchase. Ie of higher value or related. In this case we are talking about cross and up selling . You can take advantage of these solutions both online and offline, even with door-to-door sales . Surely everything works better on an ecommerce if you can use related articles or newsletters to be sent to those who have already made purchases on the website. A concrete example of cross selling that always works and that you can find in any supermarket: whipped cream and strawberries on the same shelf. Focus on the comparison You know the classic comparative advertising ? Well, that’s a

classic sales technique – partly banned

because it is illegitimate when it becomes direct – that works . Because the human brain works well when you make comparisons between before and after , between a worse condition and a better one. Here’s a prime example: You can compare your past life to your current life when you Cayman Islands Phone Number List acquire an asset. sales technique with the before and after What happens before and after a given step? Obviously there are a thousand ways to make a comparison that helps the sales negotiation by bringing it in your favor. For example, as Robert Cialdini’s book always suggests , you can showcase two products by working on the price. If you want to sell product A, you raise the price of B enormously. So that A looks super convenient.

Give guarantees to the customer

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One of the most effective sales techniques is the one that allows the customer to be reassured because of the reference points they trust. For example, there are guarantees that protect it from possible problems . Or of the bodies that supervise the negotiation. For example, trust badges Phone Number QA work well on an ecommerce , images that confirm the presence of institutions capable of supervising the success of the digital transaction. On other occasions, however, you can focus on something classic and timeless. example of document certifying the validity and good faith of the contract The study of sales techniques leads to these results. Namely the owner’s signature. Put your face on it . Show that you exist, you are there, give maximum confidence to the product or service. This gives credibility to what you sell.

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