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Mornings tend to be the sweet spot for posting on twitter “we recently ran a poll that suggested we should be posting more readable things in the morning when people are just getting ready for work or on their lunch break. People are more likely to want to start their day reading because they’re more awake. I think that plays a role in why morning posts do better on twitter.” key twitter stats to keep in mind when deciding the best time to tweet  of american users check twitter at least once day users spend an average of  hours per week on twitter  or twitter. Users say they use the app to keep up with news here’s our full list of twitter statistics and twitter demographics. Too.

Follow the Content That People You

The best time to post on linkedin the best time to post on linkedin is  p.m. Pst on mondays. According to our analysis. However. The hootsuite social team says they also have plenty of success posting earlier in the day on linkedin. When to post on linkedin pm on monday according to trish. 

It’s best to post a variety of business database content types throughout the day on linkedin. “we tend to post more written content in the morning and videos in the afternoon.” she says. That’s because people tend to engage with videos and longer form content later in the day. While they’re generally seeking readable material early in the morning.

Follow Like the Types of Posts You Engage

You would think that early mornings would tend to do better on linkedin. But we’ve found that our afternoon posts do sometimes blow up. While it used to be primarily professionals who are up and scrolling at  a.m.. Linkedin now has a lot of young professionals who are browsing in their leisurely time. Too. We do still see a lot of success before  a.m. On linkedin. Though.” she adds. 

Riswick emphasizes the importance Phone Number QA of not making assumptions about your audience on linkedin. Today. Almost  percent of linkedin users are between the ages of  and  years old. This demographic tends to prefer shorter form videos and images. Which may be why those later in the day video posts perform well.

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