These include advertising spots

Hungry Advertisements from the series “Hungry. you e not yourself” can be found in various versions since 2010. with Hollywood celebrities, celebrities’ tweets, Snickers stickers on inept constructions in urban space. All these actions illustrate the slo. Igan of the campaign – when were hungry. We do not act entirely rationally snickers1 And even more often, when our stomach sucks, we ar angry:In such situations, Snickers comes to the rescue. UI which  suppose to be a practical solution to distraction and bad mood . IKconditions that, according to Mars,  cause by hunger. This correlation between humor and hunger levels has been . HUItaken to the next level in Snickers’ latest follow-up to the Hungry You’re Not You campaign.

An algorithm specially create

A hungry internet s a bad internet. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne has expande this campaign to include internet monitoring. Where people a known to vent their emotions. by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Hungerithm – analyzes the level of whatsapp mobile number list anger of Internet users (or, according to Mars, de facto their hunger) and sets the prices of Snieckers in the 7-Eleven chain of stores accordingly. The relationshis simple – the higher the level of dissatisfaction, the cheaper th017 it will be present globally. monitors 14,000 social meia posts a day, looks for over 3,000 words that e considere anger, ands said to understand slng and sarcasm.

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The level of satisfaction or anger

The price of bars s update 140 times a day and can drop by up to 80% , which means that in the most critical moments, bars cost 50 cents . Consumers Phone Number QA can track of Internet users and the prices of sweets on the Australian Snickers website . Cheaper Snickers thanks to Internet monitoring Each mood/price updates accompanie by sample entries that contribute to the Snickers price drop.

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