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No finding the tone of voice in a company is not impossible. Difficult sometimes, but not too much. But when are you following a single person instead? When are you doing personal branding for someone else? Clearly that someone is already working on many channels, but for example you take care of, I don’t know, social media pages, because they’re not behind it. This is what happens to me, and it is a sector in which the individual’s personality is fundamental, it is a life coach.

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complex. Because you not only have to convey a message, there is not only a tone of voice, perhaps more conversational, but also a language and a way Bulgaria Phone Number List of expressing yourself that is completely different from yours, starting from the use of questions and affirmations, of expressions, of particularities of the all personal. Answers RICHARD ESPOSITO JUNE 11, 2018 AT 07:28 This is a particular job that must be carried out starting from training. In these cases you can cure the root, the starting point. Maybe the texts on the website. but articles must be written by the person in

question. Under your supervision.

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By the way, thanks for the article. What actions do you take to find communities?  Hello Mike. What do you mean by community. But above all, in what context? On Facebook? On forums? Answers MIKE L. JUNE 11, 2018 AT 4:04 PM Hello again Richard. I mean the communities related Phone Number QA to the reference target both on Facebook and outside the Social Network. What I want to know is if there is a procedure you usually use to arrive at a reasoning level to better define and identify your audience. Thank you in advance. PS I’m about to finish reading your book: Fare blogging. My method for writing winning content Answers Hi Mike, thank you for purchasing the book. On Facebook I do internal searches, which are much improved today, and I select the groups by studying them in the field.

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