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Telegram is not only a messaging platform but also a robust environment for bot development. Bots in Telegram can perform a myriad of functions, from providing automated responses to user queries to managing groups or channels. One specific functionality bots can have is to retrieve contact information shared with them. In this article, we will discuss how a Telegram bot can obtain a contact.

Contact Sharing with Bots

A user can share their contact with a bot on Namibia Telegraph Number Data Telegram by using the ‘Share My Contact’ button or by manually entering their phone number. Once this is done, the bot receives an update with the user’s phone number and name.

Bot Code

Telegram Number Data

To make the bot get the contact, the developer must program it to handle such updates. Telegram provides APIs that developers can use to interact with the Telegram system.

In Python, for example, using the python-telegram-bot library, the code snippet to handle contact sharing could look something like this:

In this example, whenever a user shares a contact with the bot, the handle_contact function is triggered. The contact object contains the shared contact’s first name and phone number.

Privacy Considerations

Remember, Telegram bots can’t initiate Phone Number QA communication. A user must first interact with the bot or share their contact for the bot to access the user’s phone number. Users share contacts with bots at their discretion, and responsible bot development includes managing this sensitive information with appropriate privacy and security measures.


Telegram bots, when correctly configured, can receive and process contact information shared by users. This functionality expands the scope of interaction and automation possible through Telegram, offering opportunities for enhanced user engagement and service delivery. However, handling users’ contact information requires a significant commitment to user privacy and data security.

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