Can Telegram Contacts See My Number

Telegram is a popular messaging app that offers a high degree of privacy. However, some users may be concerned about whether or not their Telegram contacts can see their phone number.

How Telegram Uses Your Phone Number

When you sign up for Telegram, you are required to Afghanistan Telegram Number Data provide your phone number. This is used to verify your account and to help you find your contacts who are also using Telegram. However, Telegram does not share your phone number with other users unless you explicitly give them permission.

How to Control Who Can See Your Phone Number

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You can control who can see your phone number in Telegram by going to Settings > Privacy and Security > Phone Number. Here, you can choose to show your phone number to:

  • Everybody: This is the default setting. Anyone who has your phone number will be able to see it in Telegram.
  • My Contacts: Only people who are saved in your phone’s contacts will be able to see your phone number in Telegram.
  • Nobody: No one will be able to see your phone number in Telegram, even if they have your contact information.

Can Telegram Contacts See Other Contacts’ Numbers?

No, Telegram contacts cannot see other contacts’ phone numbers. This is because Phone Number QA Telegram does not store phone numbers in a way that would allow users to see them.


Telegram is a secure messaging app that gives you a lot of control over your privacy. By default, your phone number is only visible to people who have your contact information. However, you can choose to hide your phone number from everyone if you prefer.

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