How to use Twitch as a viewer

Start direct When launching a live broadcast, it is recommended that you enter as much information as possible as long as it is related to the content to be broadcast. The information options when broadcasting a live video are: Stream title Brief notification message that you send to let people know that you are live Stream Category Tags Language By covering this information you are ready to start in the world of streaming. It’s easy to start using the tool, right. How to Twitch wants to offer the best possible user experience so that content creators who are just starting out are encouraged to continue using the platform.

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How to manage the stream Here top people data you can check and see how the live is evolving, how it looks and be able to check metrics such as: Session time Number of spectators. Therefore, Views Followers Bit rate. This is the place where you will see the comments that your audience may leave you. twitch stream manager On the right side of the screen you will see a section called shortcuts, which will allow you to. manage the live in a simple way, you can perform actions such as: Put the chat in emoticons mode so that your followers do not write. Start a raid. Update the title. Save a specific. Therefore, part of the live. Activate chat only for your followers, etc. 

How to consume

The last 7 days. Last 30 days. Select dates Phone Number QA in a personalized way. Finally, you have the <<achievements>> section where Twitch offers you a series of challenges that it recommends you complete. It is a good way to motivate. How to yourself and thus be able to create the best content and create the best possible community. achievements achieved on twitch Community When your community grows, it is advisable to assign moderator. Therefore, or editor roles to control that your audience complies with the rules you establish.

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