When it comes down to it

Do your website blogs . Social m ia posts and other content inspire people to engage with your brand? If the answer is “no” or “i don’t know .” then you have a problem. The good news? There is a very simple way to change things. Enter the almighty call to action . Or cta – your secret weapon for inviting visitors . Guests . Fans . And all other types of people to interact with you and your content . What is a call to action (cta)? When it comes down to it . A call to action drives people to an intend  action. Think of it as an instruction or . Better yet

Slap that cta up there and point

The first and last goal of a cta is to ask people to do what you want them to do. But it is also to help them do what they already Asia email list want to do . Wait . What? Yes . You read that right: a call to action tells people what to do next . What should they want to do . If the rest of your copy has done its job . They’re already interest  . Right? They read your page . If they’ve made it this far . Then they must be really interest . So . Slap that cta up there and point it in the right direction.

What does the wording really matter

asia email list

Yes . A call to action is . Essentially . A road map . Or . Perhaps . A gps . What with it being 2019 and all. In two blocks . Turn right… If you Phone Number QA are interest  . Click here. Do i really ne  to pay attention to my calls to action? There are other ways this question might come to mind: can’t i just slap a “buy” button and call it a day? Or . Isn’t a cta on my sidebar enough? Or . What does the wording really matter? It’s important. It all matters if you want to make some moolah in the end. Here’s why: check your website/social analytics and you’ll quickly see that the majority of your website/social visitors are not ready to purchase .

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