Can Telegram Users See My Phone Number

Telegram, a popular messaging app known for its privacy-centric approach, provides users with control over the visibility of their phone numbers. Let’s explore how Telegram handles phone number privacy and whether other users can see your phone number.

Privacy Settings and Visibility Control:

Telegram offers robust privacy settings that allow users to manage the visibility of their phone numbers. By default, Telegram does not publicly Egypt Telegraph Number Data display users’ phone numbers on their profiles. Users have the flexibility to choose who can see their phone number information. The available options include “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.” These settings empower users to determine the level of visibility they are comfortable with.

Phone Number Visibility to Contacts:

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The visibility of your phone number to other Telegram users depends on your chosen privacy settings. If you set your phone number visibility to “Everyone,” any user on Telegram can see your phone number if they visit your profile. On the other hand, if you set it to “My Contacts,” only users who have your phone number saved in their device’s contact list and are also using Telegram will be able to view your phone number. Choosing “Nobody” ensures that your phone number remains completely hidden from other users.

Phone Number Hashing:

Telegram employs phone number hashing to protect user privacy. When comparing your device’s contact list with the hashed Phone Number QA phone numbers stored on its servers.Telegram uses cryptographic algorithms to convert the phone numbers into unique representations. This process ensures that the original phone numbers remain concealed, even during the contact synchronization process.

Alternative Identification Options:

To enhance privacy further, Telegram offers alternative identification options, such as usernames. Users can create unique usernames to serve as their public identifiers on the platform. By using a username, you can communicate with other Telegram users without revealing your phone number. This feature provides an additional layer of privacy and gives you control over the visibility of your contact information.


Telegram prioritizes user privacy and offers mechanisms to control the visibility of phone numbers. By default, phone numbers are not publicly displayed on profiles, and users can select who can see their phone number information. The phone number visibility to other Telegram users depends on the chosen privacy settings, ensuring that users have control over the disclosure of their contact information.

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