Austria Phone Number Length

Introduction: Phone numbers play a crucial role in communication, and having a clear understanding of their structure is essential. In Austria, phone numbers follow a specific format and have a standard length. Austria Phone Number List This article aims to provide detailed insights into Austrian phone numbers. Including their length, numbering plan, and variations that exist within the system.

Austrian Phone Number Structure:

Austrian phone numbers are composed of a combination of digits that follow a structured format to identify the region and service provider. Typically, an Austrian phone number begins with the country code “+43” followed by a two-digit area code and a seven-digit subscriber number.  The area code signifies the geographical location, while the subscriber number identifies the individual phone line within that area. It is important to note that when dialing an Austrian number from abroad, the leading “0” in the area code is omitted, and the country code “+43” is used instead.

Length and Variations:

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The standard length of an Austrian phone number is typically 12 digits, including the country code “+43.” However, variations can occur depending on the specific circumstances. One common variation is saw in mobile Phone Number QA phone numbers, which may have different lengths due to variations in the number of digits in the subscriber number. While most mobile numbers in Austria have nine digits after the area code, some special numbers, such as those used for machine-to-machine communication or data services, may have fewer digits.

In addition to mobile numbers, certain services have their own unique formats and lengths. For instance, toll-free numbers in Austria often begin with “0800” followed by a six-digit subscriber number. These numbers allow callers to reach businesses and organizations without incurring any charges. Emergency service numbers, such as “112” for general emergencies or “144” for medical emergencies, also have dedicated formats that differ from standard phone numbers.

Dialing Austrian Phone Numbers:

To dial an Austrian phone number within the country, the area code is typically include when calling a different region. However, for local calls within the same area, the area code is usually omitt. When dialing an Austrian number from abroad, it is important to include the “+43” country code and remove the leading “0” from the area code.


In conclusion, Austrian phone numbers adhere to a structured format, consisting of a country code, area code, and subscriber number. The standard length is typically 12 digits, including the country code “+43.” However, variations can occur, particularly with mobile phone numbers and specialized services. Understanding the structure and length of Austrian phone numbers is essential for efficient communication within and outside of Austria. By familiarizing ourselves with these details, we can ensure seamless connectivity and effective communication in our personal and professional interactions.

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