Google Tag Manager: getting started guide and tricks

Well look, it turns out that I started looking for photographs that more or less fit, but I didn’t want to use “the usual”, I wanted something creative . Searching and searching, an ideal claim for Google Tag Manager comes to mind : “a single tag to govern them all . ” Does it sound familiar to you? That is! The Lord of the rings. Too bad all the photos about it have more copyright than the Coca-Cola formula or Carlton Banks’ dance. So I’m going to Shutterstock to search just by “ring” to see what comes up. Among a lot of “matrimonial nonsense”, there she was, radiant, friendly, daring, provocative. The woman with the pink ring! I ask her, I really liked her .

What is Google Tag Manager?

I could go into a more academic definition of Google Tag Manager , but that wouldn’t top industry data be me so let’s see what comes up. Have you ever installed Google Analytics on your website? You have to paste a code on all the pages of your website. Do you know SumoMe? To enable it you have to paste a code on your website. Do you like Metricool better? You have to paste a code on your website. Have you tried heatmap tools? You have to paste a code on your website. All of those situations above can be problematic or very costly if you have little code knowledge. In WordPress, each one may require you to install a plugin. TRUE? And it goes without saying if you have to change something later..

Advantages of using Google Tag Manager

Possibility of testing before publishing . Google Tag Manager incorporates an easy system to test changes before everyone Phone Number QA sees them. This way we can make sure we’re doing it right (and that the tag doesn’t break our website) before publishing it to the world. Coexistence and collaboration between labels . To achieve things like sending data from a form to Google Analytics we have to touch code, there is no other way. However, with Google Tag Manager it is really easy.

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