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The problem is that you have to register or log in with your Facebook account and then add the book you want to your favorites. Kobo Books. Then to find the free books to download you have to go to the Ebooks section and then Free ebooks. 8- Virtual Reader A simple website with about 100 free PDF books in Spanish, although it also has the option to download books in English. It is a website that included a lot of advertising, Where to a bit in line with the majority. Characteristics: Various categories: novels, fiction, horror, romantic.

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 This website allows email leads you to download complete. Where to free books in Spanish in PDF.or Kindle. It is a book purchasing website, but it has the option to download many of its works in PDF for free. bubok free books Characteristics: Paid version (books for less than one euro) and free books section; Categories; best sellers, genres, literary awards or latest news; Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle. 10- PDF-Books Lastly, I leave you with a simpler website with fewer possibilities, but it is very well placed on Google and that is why I also found it useful.

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It is a page to download Phone Number QA complete free pdf books in Spanish. Where to that are more classic and older since there are usually books that have already expired. download full free pdf books If you like classic Spanish books, this page may be very useful to you. Some of its categories are stories, novels, theater or poetry. When downloading the book.  keep in mind that there is advertising.  so as not to make a mistake in the link they give you to download the book.

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