For example you could write a tips article that

 These pages include: Start a page here (name this with a fun, food-related word that sparks curiosity) Information page Register statement, data protection and information about cookies (especially if you collect an email list and use an analysis program) Contact page (how to contact you and if you provide your phone number, what time do you answer work calls) You may not copy this information from anyone’s pages, because Google punishes copycats . At worst, your blog can be removed from Google entirely. Terrible if you no longer get free traffic to the blog. 5. Find suitable blog post ideas Ideas can be found anywhere. Best of all is when you find problems and challenges readers have with your topic. Write detailed instructions and share the posts as “answers” to questions in Facebook groups.

Do something small every day

3. Time and patience Growing a blog and getting engaged readers requires time and, above all, patience. There is no shortcut to happiness, but the journey must be traveled and the level of success must be grown – both yours and the blog’s. The most important thing is systematicity.  for your blog. Often a break of a couple of days latest database stretches into a week, two or three. Until you realize that half a year has passed and the blog is still unfinished. In the beginning, you have to do almost everything yourself. Of course, it’s worth asking the people around you if there is help and support for technology, for example. However, be prepared for the fact that you have to learn to do some of the tasks yourself from the beginning. When the basics are in order, the next step is to start a blog.

WordPress blog can be found here

 If you already have an existing blog on something like Blogger, I highly recommend you consider moving it to WordPress . A self-hosted WordPress blog gives you the freedom to take your blog wherever you want. You can edit the blog and its appearance unlimitedly. And most importantly: you clearly stand out from mass blogs. Instructions on how to set up a  . tools Phone Number QA and add-ons, or plugins, that you can use. Either you read this: A million euros by blogging – even though blogging should be dead 4. Main pages It’s important to have specific pages on a blog that tell readers who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.

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