Can Telegram Contacts See My Number

Telegram, a popular messaging app known for its emphasis on privacy and security, allows users to have control over the visibility of their phone numbers. Let’s explore how Telegram handles phone number visibility and whether your contacts can see your number.

Privacy Settings and Control:

Telegram provides users with privacy settings that allow them to control the visibility of their phone numbers. By default Ecuador Telegram Number Data Telegram does not publicly display users’ phone numbers on their profiles. Users have the option to choose who can see. Their phone number information, offering three visibility options: “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” or “Nobody.” This level of control enables users to manage their privacy and decide who can access their phone number.

Phone Number Visibility to Contacts:

Telegram Number Data

If you set your phone number visibility to “Everyone,” your contacts on Telegram will be able to see your phone number. This means that any person who has your phone number. Saved in their device’s contact list and is also using Telegram can view your phone number. However. It’s important to note that this visibility is contingent upon both parties having each other’s phone numbers saved as contacts.

Phone Number Hashing:

Telegram employs phone number hashing to protect user privacy. When Telegram compares your device’s contact list with the hashed phone numbers stored on its servers during the contact synchronization process. It does not reveal the actual phone numbers to other users Phone Number QA Instead, a cryptographic representation of the phone. Numbers is used for matching, ensuring that the original numbers remain private.

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