Bugging process and go to publish the tags

Two tabs will open one will be the debug preview, the other will be your website in debug mode. In a separate tab or window, open the GA service, go to administration and in the service column find DebugView. Click Go back to the tab where your site was launch in debug mode. Click through it and find the element that should trigger the custom event for which you creat the tag. In our eample, this will be the part of the website where you can download the pdf newsletter. When you click download, the event should fire.

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If it has been trigger, then according to the configurations describ above, the tag collecting data parameters and sending them to GA should also be start. Let’s go to the debug preview tab from Google Tag Manager and see if the event appear in the timeline. Place shows that when you click to download the phone number list pdf with the newsletter, the epect ‘gazetka_download’ event was trigger. Now, let’s check if the previously built tag was trigger after clicking on this event . In Tags Fir we see that the tag has been successfully fir. To be completely happy, we still ne to make sure what data the tag sends to GA.

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So let’s go to the tab where DebugView is running in GA . You should see the ‘newsletter_download’ event on the timeline.Click to see what parameters are sent to GA . You will get a full list. In it, find the parameters that you configur in the tag. Click on the arrowtriangle net to the parameter name. Information about the data collect by a  given parameter will be display Check the content of the following parametersIf the parameters configur by you send wrong data – you ne to correct the tag settings and go through the debugging process again correct data – you can end the on the real Phone Number QA version of your website before publishing, tags work only in the test version.

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