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To support digital transformation and economic growth in Indonesia. One of the biggest challenges for all talents involved in the world of technology is high . Standard learning materials that comply with industry standards.  Dicoding and technology companies. Work together to provide high-quality learning materials. That comply with industry standards through the Dicoding Academy platform.  The learning process carried out is online learning, where participants must implement the material they obtain directly through projects and tasks that must. One of those who plays an important role in this digital life is application developers. These human and technology providers, are using the insights from the survey to make life easier for software creators.

The material is provided asynchronously

Time intervals by non-academic supervisors and experts. Apart from projects and assignments .   Exams to ensure participants’ understanding.  If you ws data are interested in joining this program . You can read all the requirements and register at dicoding. kampusmerdeka Did you know that there are many active programming .  Object-oriented and type-safe programming language.  For the community itself million active developers at the beginning of 2021.

Several Prizes Available From Dicoding

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The world ?, let’s first remember what a programming language is? What is a programming language? Programming languages are specific instructions for commanding a computer. By using this language, a programmer can determine which commands and data will be processed, stored and delivered Phone Number QA by the computer. The choice of programming language depends on each person. There are many programming languages that you can learn and each programming language has an active community.

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