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You’re planning for the fourth quarter of 2019 — or . Perhaps . You’re ahead of the game and mapping out what 2020 will look like — and you’re focusing on where to funnel your marketing dollars. If so . Then we bet you’re probably also interest  in maximizing the bang you get for your buck. And that hunt l  you to video marketing . The not-so-surprising trojan horse of marketing in 2019. Because video marketing is here . It’s big . And it’s the key to There you have beating the competition. In this guide . We’ll make sure you d icate some of your marketing dollars to video and provide some great resources to help you get start .

What is the difference between

What is video marketing? Video marketing is a generic term that means exactly what it says: the use of video to market a product or service . What is Africa Email List the difference between video marketing and video advertising? Dove video marketing on facebook screenshot from colomba via facebook here is the first area where we can refine our definition and better understand what video marketing is: all video ads/advertising is a type of video marketing .

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But not all video marketing is a type of video advertising . In other words . Video advertising is a subset of video marketing. The Phone Number QA paid subset  . To be precise. Anytime you create a marketing video – for example . A customer testimonial video  . Product unboxing . Tutorials relat  to customer interests . Or even just a standard commercial – and then pay to publish and distribute that video . Then it qualifies such as video advertising.

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