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However as the chart below shows, in between seasons, this theme doesn’t die. Most people talk about Game of Thrones on Facebook, where such fanpages as I dress in black because I’m from the Night Watch , HBO’s Game of Thrones and Westeros are in the lead . got1Data from brand24 , period: June 2015 – April 2016 How HBO Polska promotes the latest season of Game of Thrones in social meia In order to keep in touch with the viewers of Game of Thrones, HBO Polska runs the official Polish fanpage of the series and publishes information relate to it throughout the year. However, during key moments, such as the appearance of posters promoting the next season.

Regular posts highlighting release

The announcement of the premiere date, and especially when the premiere is fast approaching, entries about Game of Thrones begin to dominate the official database profiles of the station on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. See how HBO Polska heats up the atmosphere in social meia before the first episode of the latest season is broadcast. 1. Background photo the HBO Polska profile on Facebook or Twitter is the background photo. It shows a poster promoting the latest season of Game of Thrones along with the premiere date.


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About the possibility of watching previous episodes on HBO GO. This shows the recipients the importance of the event for the station. got2 2. Posting regularly Throughout April, 12 posts about Game of Thrones appeare on HBO Polska’s Facebook Phone Number QA page. about other films and series from the HBO program, but only this production was given so much attention there. date include trailers, plot recap videos, photos from the series, and quotes. This form of communication is very popular among recipients.

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