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Brand identity on the Internet The Internet is an important marketing tool that makes it easier to reach a wide audience and allows you to advertise your brand in a different, interesting way – promoting posts in social meia, banners on websites. Every brand should take care of a system of visual identification on the Internet. A company that, apart from stationary, traditional functioning, will operate online, has a better chance of success in business. The first element of visual identification on the Internet is a website. First of all, the website must have the right domain – preferably the same as the name of the brand or strongly referring to the name.

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A consistent, logical address will be easy to remember. The domain is very important, but the most important thing is what is on the phone number list website – design and content. The website must be legible, transparent and understandable. A good site is user-friendly, interesting, aesthetic and varie. It contains graphics, charts, icons, infographics, videos, animations. A block of text without any distinguishing features or interesting elements will certainly not attract the interest of potential customers. A nicely designe, visually attractive website has a much better chance of success.

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The company logo should be on the website. It is also important that its design refers to the colors and vision of the brand. An important tool of marketing strategy, and at the same time an important element of visual identification on the Internet, are social meia. Social meia is a way to reach customers, build and maintain positive relationships with the target Phone Number QA group. The appearance of profiles in social meia must be consistent and legible. The pages should include elements such as the company’s logo and name, slogan and graphics referring to the nature of the company. The way you run your social channels is also important.

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