On shared hosting

Specifically, data is protected from disk failures by spreading multiple copies of the data across multiple disks.If a single disk fails, the consequences are not catastrophic because there are other copies of the same information on different disks. Even if multiple disks fail simultaneously, which is uncommon but does happen occasionally, with more disks and plenty of extra copies, your data will be safe.


 Is shared or dedicated cloud hosting in

South Africa better for me? It depends on your website needs Cambodia Mobile Number List If you run a website that requires a lot of bandwidth and extremely high traffic, then dedicated hosting will be better.  when other customers on your server exceed their resource allocation, your website will experience downtime, which will also affect your website.

 However, with cloud hosting

Like we offer in other parts of Africa such as South Africa and Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Ghana; you won’t have these issues as you will be using a virtual server Hong Kong Phone Number List  that has resources allocated only to you. If you run an e-commerce website or any website that does not require heavy and processor usage, then a shared or cloud hosting plan can meet all your requirements.



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